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Licensed. Insured. State Certified.

Professional Bee and Wasp Removal

Count on Plymouth Bee and Wasp Control for comprehensive bee and wasp removal solutions. Our approach involves secure and efficient removal and treatment methods, prioritizing the relocation or safe elimination of nests. We provide competitive pricing and strive to finalize most tasks within 24 hours, with many being completed on the same day.

Bee Removal Services Tailored To Your Needs

At Plymouth Bee Control we offer affordable and effective bee removal services.

Plymouth Bee and Wasp Control proudly presents bee and wasp removal services within Plymouth, Michigan. Our expertise centers on the effective removal of stinging insects, encompassing bees, wasps, and yellow jackets, along with their nests or hives. Having successfully executed over 1,000 assignments, our licensed and insured team members are well-equipped to provide expert pest control solutions for residential and commercial properties across Ohio and Indiana.

Are you a contractor, property manager or municipal manager looking for solutions due to persistent stinging insect issues?

Plymouth Bee and Wasp Control's dedicated team specializes in Bee Removal, backed by extensive commercial experience. We possess the ability to operate aerial equipment, granting us high-reach capabilities for addressing pest concerns at your business. Our work vehicles are designed for off-road maneuvering and come fully self-contained with electric and water provisions for accessing remote areas. Furthermore, our quarterly treatments offer an effective means of preventing the presence of bees, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets. Our comprehensive approach involves eliminating nests, applying eco-friendly spray to your home or business's eaves for enduring results, and conducting thorough perimeter inspections. This proactive strategy deters the intrusion of stinging insects and prevents nest rebuilding. Our commitment guarantees the complete eradication of all stinging pests by the time our services are concluded.

Bee Removal

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Yellow Jacket Removal

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In Need of Bee Removal?

Feel free to contact us for any questions, comments, or inquiries – we're here to provide swift responses. Rest assured, our cleanout services come with a one-year warranty, ensuring your confidence in our ability to address all your stinging insect concerns in southeast Michigan and the neighboring regions. Reach out to us today to arrange services and gain insights into how we can be of assistance. Let us handle the stings on your behalf!

Why Choose Plymouth Bee Control?

We offer a one-year warranty

On all of our pest services and cleanouts, we offer an impressive one-year warranty. If you run into a bee problem in the same location after we remove the bee hive, we will come back and redo the work free of charge.

We’re experienced

30 years of experience in construction combined with nearly a decade of bee removal gives us an advantage over the competition. It is this experience that truly sets us apart and makes us one of the most sought-after bee removal providers in the area.

We know how to remove bees with minimal damage

When you find a beehive, you may wonder if it can be removed without doing considerable damage to your property. Our knowledge of roof structures, wall systems, and buildings in general allows us to eliminate beehives while doing minimal damage to the surrounding area.

We provide superior customer service

We care about your satisfaction which is why we’ll work hard to earn your trust when we provide bee removal services. If you have questions at any point, we’d be more than happy to answer them. Contact us today for bee removal in Plymouth Michigan.

We work around the clock

Weekends, holidays, and after-hours calls pose no issue for us. Give us a call at this moment, and we guarantee a prompt response!

Certified and Insured

Plymouth Bee and Wasp Control holds the distinction of being a Certified Pest Control Operator, surpassing all stipulations set forth by the southeast Michigan Department of Agriculture. Furthermore, we are fully equipped with a robust liability insurance policy, offering you added assurance while we undertake work on your property.

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