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Wasp Removal & Bee Relocation Services

Plymouth Bee Control, catering to southeast Michigan and its vicinity, is readily available to assist anyone grappling with a bee, wasp, or yellow jacket issue. We are dedicated to managing stinging insects in the vicinity of your home or business. Minimize the chances of getting stung by entrusting Plymouth Bee Control to handle the task for you.

Plymouth Bee Control, serving southeast Michigan

We provide the pest services you need to get rid of stinging insects in Michigan

Pest Services in Plymouth Michigan

At Plymouth Bee Control, we understand that having bees at your home or business can be a cause for concern. Do you try to take care of the problem yourself, or do you call in someone who can get rid of these biting bugs for good? When you work with our professional team, you will find that we provide all the bee removal services you need to get rid of bees without worrying that you’ll be a casualty in the process.

Residential & Commercial

Because bees don’t know the difference between homes and businesses, we provide both residential and commercial bee removal to meet your needs. No matter where you may find a wasp nest or bee hive, we’ll be happy to help.

Safe & Effective

By using eco-friendly products and procedures that safely and effectively remove bees, we can ensure that we save the bees and your property all at one time.

Professional Bee Removal Services Plymouth Michigan

Opting for live bee removal not only preserves the bee population but also aligns with environmental considerations. This intricate task involves navigating challenges. It encompasses dismantling siding and soffit materials to access the bee colony and extract the honeycombs. Additionally, we apply suitable products to deter the resurgence of bees, wasps, and yellow jackets. By implementing appropriate exclusion measures, we prevent a colony from reestablishing a habitat in the same area in the future.

Yellow Jacket or Wasp Removal and Treatment

Wasps and yellow jackets frequently emerge while mowing grass or relocating equipment. Yellow jackets typically inhabit the ground in densely wooded regions and around shrubs, whereas wasps tend to reside beneath eaves. Removing and treating these pests involves donning protective gear, administering appropriate treatments, and thoroughly clearing away any debris from the task. Should you detect the presence of wasps or yellow jackets, do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

Quarterly Service for Your Convenience

Ensure continuous protection from troublesome wasps and yellow jackets throughout the year through our quarterly treatments. Our comprehensive approach involves dismantling all nests and applying an eco-friendly spray to your home's eaves. Additionally, we conduct thorough perimeter inspections to prevent further intrusion by stinging insects, effectively deterring nest rebuilding. Rest assured, by the time we conclude our services, all wasps and yellow jackets will be completely eradicated.

Bee Removal

Our team can assist you by providing high-quality bee removal in Plymouth.

Hornet Removal

We can provide safe and effective hornet removal services in Plymouth.

Wasp Removal

We know how to give you peace of mind with wasp removal services in Plymouth MI.

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